Student Attributes

The Sadhbhavanites demonstrate the following attributes.

  1. Intellectually curious – Sadhbhavana students (Sadhbhavanites) are intellectually curious. They are keen to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in a structured, critical and analytical way. They observe other keenly, ask questions that are relevant and try to understand anything and everything.
  2. Reflective – Sadhbhavanites are reflective of everything they do. They are concerned with the process and the product of their actions, thereby reflecting before doing and acting responsibly.
  3. Creative and/or innovative –The ability to come up with new ideas or new ways of thinking about a problem is a characteristic of Sadhbhavanites. They are never afraid to give their opinion on a topic or argument, even if it is contradictory to what others have said. They are also able to apply what they know and what they have experienced in situations completely new or unprecedented.
  4. Self-driven – Sadhbhavanites take control of their learning journey and manage their own workloads, schedules and education. They set targets for themselves be it in studies or career path and strive to achieve it through diligence and practice.
  5. Collaborative –Working with someone comes easily to Sadhbhavanites. They know that they will be able to bring about better results as a team. Ideas formulate better when working together than alone.
  6. Adaptable – Being flexible to the constantly changing world is a capability that Sadhbhavanites would possess. They will know when to do what and how to channel what they learnt into the demands of that tomorrow forces upon them.
  7. Socially Sensitive – Sadhbhavanites are socially sensitive beings. They will be empathetic and responsive to society. This is very essential in the ever-changing technology-driven world of today and tomorrow.