Facilitators - CBSE

Anagha NK- CBSE Coordinator

Anagha is a dynamic educator with more than 5 years of career experience as a Physics Professor and Physics HOD in various institutions. She has also worked as an academic specialist in Byjus providing expertise to graduate, undergraduate and senior secondary students. She excels in lecturing, test/exam administration and proctoring, and creative lesson plan development. Anagha completed her post-graduation in Physics and holds a B. Ed. One of her greatest achievements is that she has done her MSc Project from ISRO, Trivandrum. Anagha possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills. Her goal is always to foster a love of learning in all students by making complex concepts relatable and understandable.

Aparna P - Asst. CBSE Coordinator

Aparna is a passionate teacher with expertise in helping students to develop business-related talents and persevere through educational and professional challenges. Aparna holds MA in Commerce and B.Ed. Being an enthusiastic educator, Aparna understands the unique needs of individual students to enhance learning and promote confidence in their all-round development.

Kavya T M - Asst. CBSE Coordinator

Kavya is a dedicated and dynamic Chemistry teacher who sparks curiosity and fosters a deep understanding of scientific principles in her students.With an M Phil and MSc in Chemistry, Kavya has a passion for hands-on experiments whereby she creates interactive and immersive learning experiences in her classroom. She describes herself as a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants allchildren to besuccessful learners.

Rijina A R

Rijina is a proficient educator and management enthusiast with over 16 years of experience in the educational field. She started her career as Faculty for Mathematics and then further expanded her expertise in administration and worked as Administrator cum Faculty at various reputed organizations. She has also worked with Dayapuram Group of Institutions in various educational leadership capacities. She played a prominent role in establishing Dayapuram Arts and Science College for Women as a reputed college that provide quality higher education for women and was the Principal of the college for several years.

C Mini Nair

A holder of Triple post graduation – Malayalam, English and Psychology – and a B.Ed in Malayalam, Mini has 20 years of experience in teaching Malayalam at school level. She has published two poetry collections in Malayalam – Dalamarmarangal and Shankholi. Mini\\\’s passion is dancing and she has won numerous accolades for her performances, including the prestigious Kalathilakam. She is confident of developing a love for their mother tongue in her students.

Suresh Babu E K

Mr. Suresh Babu E K who holds MA History from Calicut University and B. Ed in Social Science from Kerala University who also qualified State Eligibility Test. To make the subject as an interesting one he adopted a method, that is, bring social issues from student’s day to day experience through questioning. He also tries to relate the content with the current situations in their classrooms through methods such as known to unknown, particular to general, inquiry, brainstorming, discussion and debate to bring them into the similar issues in the broader society. He proves that Social science is not only a subject to memorize the dates and events but also to show students the world through their lives by bringing their experience, to help them see the role that they can play in making a better world and to make them a responsible and contributory citizen in life. To do so he undertakes the profession as an investigator, a learner, a historian, an activist and a curricular artist.

Shaji M

Having a Bachelors degree both in Hindi and Education, Shaji believe teaching is all about learning and delivering. Holding a diploma in computer science, he pursues his master degree. Being a language teacher he is always on his task in creating a space where his students are comfortable in expressing themselves in our national language. He loves music and singing is his hobby and he always uses it to generate interest in Hindi in his students… Teaching students of various cultural background handling Kerala state board and CBSE at all standards from 8th grade to degree level for more than 15 years.

Rajani Nair

Rajani was passionate about teaching since her childhood. Her love for the languages drew her to English as her subject. She is a Post-Graduate in English Language & Literature and qualified B.Ed. CTET and SET in English.

Baiju M

With a B.A. and B.Ed. in Malayalam, Baiju has about 12 years experience in teaching at various schools in Kerala. With a unique style of instruction, Baiju truly cherishes his role as a facilitator.

Vineeth S - Maths Facilitator

Vineeth started his career as a mathematics facilitator in 2005. He is a graduate in Mathematics and has a B.Ed. He also holds K-TET certification. Being passionate about teaching, Vineeth is an encouraging teacher with the ability for discovering students’ varying learning styles so as to ensure that each student’s unique academic needs are met.

Manjusha K S - Informatics Practices Facilitator

Manjusha who completed her B.Tech in Information Technology. She always had a passion for teaching and believes that teaching is the greatest act of optimism. She worked in a reputed school in Bahrain as an ICT Teacher before joining Sadhbhavana. Her main strength is the capability to engage students with different techniques so that the classroom becomes an interesting and fun place to learn.

Prajith V M - Accountancy Facilitator

Having more than 10 years of experience in teaching, Prajith is an enthusiastic accountancy facilitator who began his career after completing his Post Graduation and B.Ed in Commerce. He believes in creating a classroom environment where children develop a life-long love for learning. He also holds SET and K-TET certifications. He has worked as an Accountancy instructor in various schools under Kerala Literacy Mission.

Sambhavi K

Sambhavi is passionate about her teaching profession. She has completed her graduation in Mathematics and a B.Ed. in Mathematics from Providence Women’s College under Calicut University. She has also qualified for CTET 1 & 2. She started her teaching career at the Indian Excellent School, Sharjah, UAE.

Remya C T

Having more than 10 years of experience in reputed CBSE schools, Remya believes that teaching is a noble profession and it is her responsibility to mould the behavior of the children and to make them good citizens.Remya, who holds a postgraduate in Sociology and a B. Ed. in Social Science, is a Calicut University rank holder in Sociology. She has attended innumerable teacher training programmes conducted by the CBSE and various reputed institutions.

Biyas Das

Biyas is a dedicated and innovative teacher who is highly regarded forestablishing a productive learning environment to enhance studentdevelopment. Having more than 15 enriching years of experience in teaching, Biyas holds a Postgraduate in Biotechnology and has been teaching international, Indian and state board curricula. Biyas is a teamplayer who contributes towards fostering a collaborative milieu at the workplace and believes in camaraderie with colleagues and faculty members to make theworkplace more joyful.

Aparna A T

Aparna is an enthusiastic teacher who has been passionate about teaching since her childhood. She holds BSc and MSc in Botanyand has aB.Ed. Aparna is specialized in encouraging students to participate in classroom activities and also works with them to develop a deeper interest in the subject. She thoroughly enjoys every second she spends with her students.

Sanu Sebastian

Sanu Sebastian competent individual with a Postgraduate degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Education fromMahatma Gandhi University. Having more than 5 years of experience, Sanuis a passionate teacher who acknowledges the uniqueness, individuality, and specific needs of each student and provides guidance and encouragement to them to realize their full potential.

Athulya Suresh

Athulya holds a B.Ed. in Social Science and has more than5 years of teachingexperience. She believes in the practical approach to education and adopts the best pedagogical methods which will instil curiosity in students and make learning an interesting process, that enables the students to connect theoretical knowledge with the outside world.

Anitha M

Anitha is an enthusiastic educator who understands the unique needs of individual students and strives to enhance learning and promote confidence in their all-round development. Anitha holds a B.Ed and has more than 5 years of experience in teaching. Anitha is a rocket science enthusiast and does not miss any opportunity to learn about it which includes attending a space camp held at NASA Marshal Flight Centre to promote STEM education.

Akshay Govind

Akshay strongly believes that teaching is not confined to the four walls of the classroom and that learning is the overall development of the child. He has completed his M.Sc Physics and holds a B.Ed. He believes that physics is a subject that should be understood by every individual as it is the basis of how thingshappen on Earth. To encourage scientific attitude and temperament, Akshay introduces new ideas in the teaching process and is thrilled to teach, learn and grow along with the younger minds.

Amrutha Raj

Having several years of experience in teaching, Amrutha believes that teaching is a noble profession and it is her responsibility to mould the behaviour of the children and to make them good citizens. Amrutha holds a postgraduate in English and a B. Ed. She works with her students to develop a love for the language and understand its nuances.

Anisha Bhadran

Anisha holds a Bachelor’sDegree in Functional English and a Master’s Degree in English Literature. She is SET qualified. After completing her B. Ed, she started her journey in Sadhbhavana World School and her experience had been a milestone in her career through which she explored her potential by catering to the needs of the students of different age groups. She has also worked as a Spoken English Trainer in reputed firms. Apart from this, she is also an experienced curriculum content developer. As a teacher, Anisha always believes in creating a positive ambience for her students to interact and develop a love for learning the English language.

A R Aravind Krishna

Aravind is an ardent educator and facilitator of soft skills and possesses a strong passion for academia. He holds degrees in Law and Political Sciencealong with a Master’s degree and UGC NET qualifications in Political Science. With his expertise as a Political Science Facilitator, he is dedicated to ensuring optimal learning outcomes for every student he encounters.