About SWS Dorm

The boarding house is the second home for a child, where he/she feels comfortable and spends most of the time. The Sadhbhavana World School dorm provides excellent pastoral care, cosy interiors and comfortable living quarters. The school’s tranquil campus with its beautiful flora and bird life provide children with ample green space and fresh air where they are able to live and learn. The SWS Dorm facility is available to children of grade six and above. There are separately cordoned off buildings for boys and girls equipped with excellent facilities and amenities such as air-conditioned living quarters, vast study areas, state of the art security system, dining space and recreational facilities.

Life in the SWS Dorm

The SWS Dorm provides residents with a peaceful and calm environment, creating an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation amongst them, which in turn inculcate the sense of responsibility and discipline in every aspect of their personality development. The SWS Dorm is a hub of academic, social, physical and cultural activities. The students dwell in a healthy environment that helps them to grow and learn without any obstacle. Both weekly and yearly boarding programs are available. Rooms are designed to accommodate four students from the same age group in one room.


  • Separate SWS Dorm for girls & boys
  • Well-structured and homely environment
  • Fully air-conditioned living quarters
  • Study Rooms, recreational facilities and dining hall
  • Mentors for each block to monitor academics and act as a dorm parent
  • Personalized mentoring and counselling
  • Remedial classes for academically weak students
  • Nutritious, delicious and homely menu (veg and non-veg).
  • Medical facilities
  • State of the art safety and security features
  • Cleaning & housekeeping by full time trained staff
  • Laundry services