Sadhbhavana believes that exposure in the visual and fine arts are equally important to build a fully groomed individual. Sadhbhavana’s Kalakshetra is a vital space for the study and performance of various art forms. The beautiful structure are envisioned and designed with the style and proportion of Indian aesthetics. Through its open spaces, spreading light and breeze, Kalakshetra cultivates a spirit of reverence for learning and for the environment.

Dance is the highest form of arts. With the movements in dance, the child gains physical fitness and retains control over the body. It’s also a mode of expression of inner feelings, helping to develop self-belief and self-confidence. At Sadhbhavana, different dance styles are practised and perfected.

Research shows that learning the do-re-mi’s can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs. Both Indian and Western musical exposure is provided here.

From mould and paint sets to stitch and sew kits, an array of activities provides children with opportunities to engage in arts and crafts. Children here not only learn either art or craft but also learn to understand and appreciate art be it a painting, sculpture, cross stitch or a collage.

Photography, one of the most celebrated forms of art is something that allows students to form perspective. Students learn to find views and angles that would make something look as pleasing as possible.