Mr.Madhu Nair - General Manager

As an experienced administration expert, Madhu has work experience of over 32 years in various organisations. He has worked in prominent educational institutions for over10 years. He started his career in the Middle East in an International Bank as Assistant Vice President where he gained valuable experience in management. After moving back to Kerala, he worked at Sadhbhavana World School for 7 years, where he honed his administration skills and developed a deep understanding of the system. Later he had experiences in other reputed schools and organizations heading as General Manager. He is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and teamwork and has worked closely with the management to develop innovative strategies and ideas. He is also a people person, able to connect with them at all levels and work towards a positive environment.

Ms.Archana Aravind - Quality Officer

Archana holds a Masters and M.Phil in Food Science and Nutrition. She also has a Masters degree in Bioinformatics from Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Having done her internship as a dietician at Christian Medical College, Vellore, she enjoys teaching children about the need to develop and sustain healthy food habits. Archana is also an expert in quality management and has attended workshops on the same. In Sadhbhavana she enjoys the dual position of being its quality officer as well as the nutritionist.

NimmiKrishnaraj - Assistant Administrative Officer

Nimmy is a dedicated professional serving as the Assistant Administrative Officer of Sadhbhavana. She is a B. Com graduate and has completed her PGDCA and Diploma in Secretarial Practice. She has been handling the accounts of Sadhbhavana since its first year of operation and has four yearsof experience prior to that. With several years of experience at Sadhbhavana, Nimmy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Sijima V K - Admission Coordinator

Sijima has been working at Sadhbhavana for more than 10 years. With her friendly and professional demeanour, she is committed to providing exceptional service and support to prospective students and parents.She is a commerce graduate from the University of Calicut. and has completed MBA. She ensures that our admission process aligns with our mission and educational philosophy, admitting students who will thrive academically, socially, and emotionally within our community.An experienced executive who is an expert in managing administrative responsibilities, she has also worked as a counsellor.

Swapna Premchandran – Secretary to the Principal

Swapna is serving as a secretary to the principalandhas a combined 15 years of professional experience in administrative roles, 5 of which werein Mumbai, 7 years in Dubai and the last 6 years with Sadhbhavana. She has a BA Literature degree from Madurai Kamaraj University and an excellent command over English, Hindi, Malayalam and also Marathi. A very vibrant individual who is very approachable, Swapna is good at multitasking, committed and persistent when it comes to getting things done. Her interests are drawing, travelling and listening to music.

Abdul Nasar C – IT Coordinator

A graduate in Computer Science with 15+ years’ experience in Information Technology systems and networks, Nazar is a critical thinker with strong troubleshooting, analytical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. He is worked as a System and Network Administrator in various educational institutions. He has also worked as an ICT facilitator and HOD of Computer Science.

Rijul - Accounts Officer

With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a diploma in Financial Accounting, Rijul brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to his role.With over 12 years of experience in the field of accounts, Rijul is committed to maintaining financial integrity and his dedication to the educational mission of our institution makes him an invaluable member of our administrative team at Sadhbhavana.

Jithin- Accounts Officer

Jithin is a B. Com graduate with more than 8 years of experience in operational accounts. His proficiency extends to managing accounts payables and receivables. His commitment to excellence is evident in his ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism in handling all financial information.

Midhun- Librarian

Midhun is a dedicated and experienced librarian with a strong academic foundation and a passion for cultivating a love of reading among students. With over five years of experience, Midhun brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Sadhbhavana. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Botany (BSc) and a Master's degree in Library and Information Science (MLISc), both from Calicut University. Having participated in various library workshops and being well-versed in library management, Midhun is constantly exploring new ways to enhance the library experience for students and educators alike. He also works closely with academic departments and strives to integrate library resources seamlessly into the curriculum. This collaborative approach ensures that the library becomes an integral part of the student's learning journey, enriching their educational experience.

Kahabudheen V K - Maintenance Supervisor

With a background in building maintenance and a deep understanding of facility systems, Kahabudheen possesses a strong technical aptitude and a keen eye for detail, enabling him to identify and address maintenance needs promptly and effectively. He has completed his Technical Education in Electrical and Plumbing. With over 15 years of experience both in India and abroad,Kahabudheeneffectively collaborates with school administrators, teachers, and staff to understand their maintenance needs and promptly address any concerns.

Unnikrishnan E - Store in Charge

Being an Ex-Junior Commissioned Officer in the Indian Military Service, Unnikrishnan is a highly organized and efficient professional serving as store incharge. Unnikrishnan has an experience in technical storekeeping for more than 30 years. He is responsible for overseeing the procurement, storage, and distribution of school supplies, equipment, and materials of Sadhbhavana for more than 14 years. He fosters a positive and collaborative work environment, ensuring that the store operates efficiently.

Sharon M – Assistant Store in Charge

Sharon works as an assistant store in charge, supporting the store in charge of managing the inventory and supplies for our school. He holds a B. Com and a Diploma in Indian & Foreign Accounting with ample knowledge in graphic designing & photography. He assists in promptly addressing inquiries, providing information, and ensuring that all store-related requests are handled efficiently. Apart from an assistant store in charge he also serves as a DTP operator.

Athira K – Lab Assistant

Athira K is a postgraduate in Zoology who chose the profession of a lab assistant as she believes that the profession offers maximum experimentation and knowledge regarding practical learning along with theory giving students clear and contrasting explanations about the facts. Her interests include reading and dancing. She prepares and sets up laboratory materials, ensuring that all necessary supplies, chemicals, and equipment are readily available for practical sessions. She also assists teachers and students in conducting experiments, providing guidance on proper techniques and safety measures.

Sugesh – Transport Coordinator

Sugesh serves as thededicated Transport Coordinator, overseeing the safe and efficient transportation of students to and from school. With his exceptional organizational skills and commitment to ensuring a reliable transportation system, he plays a crucial role in providing a secure and convenient transportation experience for our students.

Surya T.M - Front Office Executive

Surya is a dedicated and talented Front Office Executive who holds a postgraduate degree in Commerce from Calicut University. With two years of experience as an Accountant Assistant and Sales Coordinator, Surya brings a diverse skill set and a commitment to excellence in her role. She serves as the face of the organization, warmly welcoming visitors, answering inquiries, and managing administrative tasks. She possesses excellent communication skills ensuring a positive and professional experience for all who interact with the front office.

Seethalakshmi – Office Assistant

Seethalakshmi has been working in Sadhbhavana as an admin assistant for the last 15 years.She supports the preparation and distribution of school documents, such as memos and reports, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.