Facilitators - Extra Curricular Activities

K Sudheesh - Activity Coordinator

Studied in Universal art school Calicut, Govt. College of fine arts Thrissur, Regional centre Chennai and Mysore University. Has received Kerala Govt. Lalithakala academy state award I 1993, 1997 and in 2003.Has teaching experience in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Handled the post of Head of Fine arts dpt. at SK Pottakatt Cultural Centre, Calicut and also worked in MES B arc college Calicut.

Did illustrations for the children’s books of renowned writers like T Padmanabhan, M Mukundan, Sara Joseph, UA Khader etc. Written and illustrated own work “ VILASINI POOMBATTA” published by Kerala State children’s Institute of literature. Illustration artist in Madhyamam weekly. Has to experience in sculpture and did a granite sculpture at Kerala museum at Kerala Archeological dept, Fort Kochi. Now working for a large scale sculpture project about SK Pottakatt for Calicut Corporation. Has exhibited painting all over India like International Art gallery Mumbai, Centre for Indian Modern Art gallery Kolkata, Gallery samukha Bangalore, Travancore art gallery New Delhi, Kashi art gallery Kochi etc…

Participated in National Artists Camps…Like Harmony residential art camp, Mumbai conducted by Teena Ambani, IFACS Millennium artist camp New Delhi and Lalithakala academy national artist camp.Own paintings and drawings are exhibited in many galleries of different countries like USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Hong kong etc

Suma K P

Suma is a passionate dance facilitator who has been conducting dance classes at Noopuradwani Nrithavidhyalam. She has completed her BA in Bharatanatyam from Kalaikavaeri –Tamil University. Have performed in various stage shows, Suma has participated in Official Guinness World Record attempt for Largest Group Mohiniyattam.

Hemanth Kumar

Hemanth is a passionate and experienced physical education facilitator. His areas of expertise include athletics, football, basketball, roller skating, and swimming. Hemanthholds B.COM, B.PEd., and M.PEd. and has qualified for K-TET and FSTO. His achievements include the Malappuram District Cross-country Championship and a prize winner in the Kozhikode District Amateur Race Walking Championship. He holds a B.COM, a B.PEd, and a M.PEd.

Tintu M

Tintu is a passionate teacher who loves to educate today’s youth by building curiosity in them. Her aim is to support each individual academically, emotionally, and socially. She holds a diploma in Fashion Technology and has qualified for K-TET. With more than 10 years of experience in GUPS Klari, she is able to create a comprehensive curriculum that meets the educational requirements and standards of the K12 classes.

Sreejith P S

Sreejith has always had a passion for teaching and believes that teaching is the greatest act of optimism. After completing the Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from Govt. Fine Arts College, Thrissur, Sreejith moved to Kolkata to learn more about fine arts and has been trained from Ajanta, Ellora and Santiniketan, Kolkata. He has worked in various schools and creates an atmosphere for children to explore their ideas and thoughts in arts and creativity. Sreejith has also studied photography and has worked as a Journalism photographer for local news media. He also does Illustrationsfor various magazines.

Anjana U

Anjana is a passionate Yoga teacher who aims to enhance the physical and mental well-being of her students. With her experience and knowledge in the different yoga styles, breathing exercises and safe stretching techniques, Anjana knows how to develop a student’s interest in practising Yoga. She believes that practising Yoga will help to concentrate better, release tension and develop inner qualities such as patience, self-control and insight.

Arathy E

Arathy comes from a diverse background which includes being a director,actor, theatre artist, journalist, and performer. She has completed her MA in performing arts from Pondicherry Central University. Arathy believes that theatre and the skills it teaches are vital to students’ future careers and more importantly to their lives. Through scene work, acting techniques, script study, and many other activities, students are able to experience stories from every walk of life in theclassroom. Arathy has attended and conducted many theatre camps and workshops and has worked in dramas in various languages. She has also acted in several movies.

Ayoob P K

Ayoob is a passionate Physical Education Instructor who holds a Black Belt in Karate and Kung Fu. He has achieved National Wushu Browns Medal & Gold Medal in South Zone Wushu Championship. He has continuously participated in the National Wushu Championship for the past 11 years. He has worked as Kerala Wushu Team Coach, and Coach for many other reputed organisations. He is alsoa 7A side FootballCoach and Referee.

Sona Satheesh

Sona is a positive,energetic and active Physical Education teacher,who is very happy to be with children and train them indifferent sports.She has a fantastic way of making her classes interesting even for the little ones in the school. Her passion for swimming made her a great swimming instructor. She holds Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and is a qualified lifeguard. Apart from swimming, she is an expert in athletics, baseball, and football and has represented Keralain National level athletics and football matches. With over 10 years of experience in teaching, she inspires students to embrace theirsports spirit and gain a deeper appreciation for the world of sports.

Sreejith S

Sreejithis a passionate physical education facilitator with 13 years of experience in promoting physical activity among school students. He has served as a basketball coach at both the district and state levels for 14 years. He holds diverse educational qualifications, including a B.PEd, M.PEd, B.Sc, MCA, MBA, and a Diploma in sports coaching.With a strong background in sports coaching and a passion for nurturing young athletes, Sreejith has made a significant impact in the field of physical education.

Shirsendu Battacharjee

Shirsendu, who hails from West Bengal, is a highly skilled music facilitator with seven years of experience. He possesses a diverse range of talents as a musician, excelling in playing various instruments such as the Guitar, Tabla, Drums, Cajon, Piano, and Bass Guitar. In addition to his instrumental abilities, he is also a beatboxer and a ventriloquist. Shirsendu is actively engaged in music composition and songwriting and holds a fifth-grade diploma in Tabla from Chandigarh University.

Anamika VP

Anamika is an enthusiastic and devoted music teacher who possesses a strong dedication to nurturing students' passion for music. With thirteen years of experience teaching music at the school level, Anamika has acquired a profound knowledge of various musical styles and teaching approaches. She holds a Master's degree and a four-year Diploma in Carnatic Music. In her pursuit of professional growth, she actively seeks opportunities to stay abreast of the latest music trends. Additionally, Anamika is a skilled veena artist and a licensed Zumba Instructor, showcasing her versatility in different artistic domains.


Ananthu is a passionate individual who holds a diploma in Art. Having successfully passed the K Tet Category 4 exam, and with a strong desire to pursue a career in education, Ananthu aims to nurture and cultivate children's artistic talents. His expertise in art will allow him to explore and develop the creative potential of young learners.