Facilitators - Integrated Primary Program

Vidhula C – Grade 3 to 7 Coordinator

Vidhula C is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. She completed her B.Sc Zoology from Calicut University, M.Sc. Fishery Biology & Aquaculture from MG University, Kottayam, and B.Ed from Bangalore University. In addition, she has completed the Programme for Achieving Competencies of Educators at CRETT, which helped her to explore new teaching methodologies. She has been working in the field of education for a period of 5 years. She believes that teachers can uplift students as wonderful human beings.

Kalpana Dilip – Grade 3 to 7 Asst. Coordinator

Kalpana Dilip did her studies and Masters in English from Nilgiris. Their passion for teaching made her forgo the earlier stint as an IATA professional.She started her career as a lecturer in hotel Management College at Calicut. Her excellent command over the subject and in born talent of direct observation and interaction makes it easy for her to understand students.Throughout her 9 years of career, she has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, compassion, and love for children.

Sindhu Nandakumar – Grade 3 to 7 Asst. Coordinator

Having more than 7 years of experience in the teaching profession, Sindhu is an enthusiastic facilitator who loves working with children and contributing to their overall development. She has completed her degree at Mumbai University and holds B. Ed. in Hindi.

Athira P Nair

Athira holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Education from Calicut University. In addition, she has qualified the KTET and the O level course in computers conducted by DOEACC and is currently doing her Masters in Psychology. She has experience working in CBSE schools all over India. She is of the firm belief that learning and not teaching is the process that has to be adopted at school. To encourage her students to develop scientific attitude and temperament, she inculcates innovative and divergent thinking, by adopting activity-centred learning.

Baiju M

With a B.A. and B.Ed. in Malayalam, Baiju has about 12 years experience in teaching at various schools in Kerala. He is currently pursuing his masters in Malayalam from Calicut University. With a unique style of instruction, Baiju truly cherishes his role as a facilitator.

Laisaa K

Laisaa is a passionate Mathematics educator with more than three years of experience in teaching. She is a postgraduate in Mathematics, with a B.Ed in the same subject and has qualified K-TET 2 & 3. Her passion for fostering learning and analytical thinking takes pride in helping students succeed while contributing to their holistic development.

Reneesha C

Reneesha is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher with 8 years of teaching experience. She is proficient in the use of the latest teaching methods and techniques to promote interactive learning. She believes in inspiring and instilling a love for mathematics in her students and inculcating good values and life skills in children so as to make them empowered global citizens of tomorrow. She is a B.Tech graduate in the Electrical & Electronics stream from the University of Calicut and has also completed her B.Ed. in Mathematics.

Shaiji K

Having more than 18 years of teaching experience in various schools in Kerala, Dubai and Kolkata, Shaiji believes that understanding young minds and enabling them to learn new things will make a person a good teacher. Being ambitious, hardworking and passionate about teaching, Shaiji loves to teach using new methodologies and she herself is a continuous learner. Shaiji holds MA in Malayalam and B.Ed.

Akhila S

Akhila is a creative and goal-driven professional educator who truly believes that every child can thrive when facilitated constructively. She has completed post-graduation in English language and literature and holds a B.Ed. Akhila has cleared the KTET-3 examination and has worked as an English Communicative Trainer under Additional Skill Acquisition Programme by the Higher Education Department of the Kerala Government.

Anjana Rajan

Anjana has completed herpostgraduation in Hindi and holds D.EL.Ed in the Hindi language. Having many years of experience in teaching, she endeavours to make the study of the Hindi Language relevant in the current era by inculcating teaching methods that connect the classroom experience with life outside the classroom. She believes that strong communication between students will encourage the children toexpress their ideas and thus boost them to learn more. Anjana received the school innovation ambassadorcertificate in the year 2022.

Meghna K

Meghna is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. Being a graduate in Mathematics, Meghana believes that a teacher is the key to any child’s success and creating an inspiring atmosphere to enhance their interest and love towards learning. Meghna is currently pursuing Postgraduation in Maths.

Ajina K P

Ajina has always had a passion for teaching and believes that teaching is the greatest act of optimism. She has been working as a teacher for over 10 years. Holding an MA in History and B.Ed., she has experience as a PGTfacilitator. Her passion for nurturing small children makes her adeptat mentoring them and in moulding young minds.

Rajitha U

Rajitha is very dedicated and passionate about teaching. She has completed her postgraduation in Economics and holds a B. Ed. Rajitha has worked in different institutions as a teacher and has more than 5 years of experience. She believes that joining the teaching community will enhance her skills and talents inside and will enable her to contribute to the upliftment of herself as a teacher. She wanted to become an inspiring teacher who can change the face of the entire society through the students she teaches.

Sakina Abidi

Sakina is an experienced and passionate French teacher with a knack for igniting her students' love for the French Language. She is a DELF-certified French B2 Level Diploma Holder. She brings the world of the classic French Language alive throughher engaging and interactive classes. Her dedication to foster critical thinking skills and nurture a deep appreciation for the written word has made her a beloved teacher among students.

Sruthi S

Sruthi believes that teaching is a talent for bringing the classroom to life with real-world examples and innovative technologies. She is holds a MCA. Her engaging teaching style and ability to relate scientific concepts to real-world applications make her classes both educational and enjoyable for students of all learning styles.

Kavitha A

Kavitha is a highly dedicated educator and possesses a profound affection for the English language. Holding a postgraduate degree in English and a B.Ed. specializing in the same field, she has successfully completed the C-TET (1&2) and K-TET (3) examinations in English. Her fervent commitment lies in nurturing the students and facilitating their language development.