Integrated Primary Program

Instituting a SADHBHAVANA curriculum, calls for more than just subject knowledge. It involves the task of putting protocols in place that focus on the four core areas of pedagogy, namely: Planning, Implementation or delivery (methodology), Assessment and Evaluation

The curriculum brings about not just a comprehensive blend of ideas, application and research, but also pave the way for students to make an informed choice when they reach Grade VIII. 


  • To ensure that the requirements of all stakeholders are factored in – parents, students, government authorities and higher education institutions
  • To ensure that the UBD techniques that are now in place are continued to fall in line with assessment procedures of both the CBSE as well as the Cambridge Board
  • To create a pathway from grade to grade (beginning at Grade I) that incorporates
             - Knowledge with understanding
             - Application of concepts
             - Analysis of data and ideas
             - Assessments
             - Evaluation at all levels
  • To facilitate progression pathways for children who wish to make a choice at Grade VIII. Students will feel empowered to opt for an international / CBSE curriculum at Grade VIII as they have already been through the basic protocols that are mandated by any globally recognized curriculum
  • To guarantee the space for curricular and co-curricular activities that lead to the holistic development of the child
  • To ensure that CCE is not a mere paper exercise, but an assessment system that showcases the child’s achievements as well as presents a roadmap for improvement, where necessary
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