Understanding by Design

Sadhbhavana follows a pedagogy called Understanding by Design (UbD). UbD is an international framework for imparting learning designed by world recognized educators Mr. Grant Wiggins and Mr. Jay McTighe more...

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40 Developmental Assets

The 40 Developmental Assets framework has been formed after extensive research conducted by the Search Institute among young people. The research mainly succeeded in charting out what kids need to succeed in their life more...

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Multiple Intelligences

The significance of Multiple Intelligence (MI) has been researched and worked on by Howard Gardner. He completely redefined the concept and established the need to have it as an integral part of educating kids more...

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21st Century Learning Skills

This is a global movement that aims to redefine the very meaning of education. 21st century skills refer to certain core competencies like digital literacy, application of core knowledge, communication, collaboration, more...

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Life Skills

Life skills education is an important part of a child’s development. In fact it is being prophesized even by local and international government agencies as an essential part of education today. According to UNICEF more...

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Global Perspective

Education has changed and transformed many folds into what it is today. In Sadhbhavana, education is catered to from a global perspective. The concept of an international school with a sprawling campus, more...

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