Sadhbhavana Little Scholars Curriculum
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The Sadhbhavana Little Scholars (SLS) philosophy is built on the premise that every child needs to be recognized and accredited for the existing levels of knowledge, learning and skills that he or she carries when stepping into a formal education space. This curriculum provides a structured and well-defined pedagogy combined with adequate resources to monitor teaching and learning effectiveness right through the period of study, while keeping a constant vigil on the differentiated learning levels of each child. The process involves a continual monitoring mechanism that allows for equal and fair growth in cognitive, social, emotional, creative, physical and psycho-motor spheres of development.  

Our little scholars have the opportunity to relate basic scholastic skills to real-world experiences. These theme based units incorporate reading, mathematics, science, social science, fine arts, music, skills development and a whole range learning areas that are integral to the development of a well-balanced curriculum synergy. It ensures that there is a structured level of nurturing that gives each child his/her individual space to explore the method of learning best suited to his or her specific intelligence. A number of indoor activities, outdoor activities, art & craft, storytelling, theme based concept time, picture talk, free conversation, science experience, song, rhymes & movement and organized games. It also focuses on reading, writing and arithmetic which are age and grade appropriate.

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Sadhbhavana Little Scholars
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