Sadhbhavana works on the belief that every child should be given an opportunity to use the school transportation. We strive to accommodate all our students through a well structured routing mechanism such that they reach the school on time and return to their homes safely and comfortably.

Our primary goal is the safe transportation of your child. On an average, our drivers have ten or more years of experience within the district. We train them regularly to update on the latest traffic rules in the country and to remind them of the safety measures they need to follow as a part of the school transport guidelines. The drivers are required to conduct a pre-trip inspection of their vehicles before going on their assigned routes daily. Every vehicle has a vehicle monitor who ensures the child's safety. They too are given regular training on the various measures they must take in case of any emergency and the guidelines they must follow for ensuring the safety of your child. There are regular appraisals of the behavior of the drivers and monitors and any deviance from the set guidelines is seriously dealt with. We would therefore like to assure you that we care about your child and we are doing everything to ensure their safety during travel to and from the school.

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