Food & Dining

Sadhbhavana is committed to promoting healthy food habits amongst our students and maintaining high nutritional standards while selecting the menu. Student feedback is also ascertained while offering delicious and satisfying menu options. Utmost care is taken to ensure the segregation between vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Meal times at Sadhbhavana are great for informal bonding opportunities between students and teachers.

Our menu is carefully planned in consultation with our in-house dietician. We offer two freshly cooked, hygienically prepared, wholesome meals (breakfast and lunch) in our dining hall every working day. The menu includes a varied, balanced and tasty assortment of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. While focusing on a healthy diet, etiquette and table manners are also taught to our students from the kindergarten level.

  • Food & Dining
  • Food & Dining
  • Food & Dining
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