1. Infrastructure

    Sadhbhavana has an infrastructural master plan that is state of the art and well thought of. Each building and its layout has been strategically planned. A core te Read More

  2. Food & Dining

    Sadhbhavana is committed to promoting healthy food habits amongst our students and maintaining high nutritional standards while selecting the menu. Read More

  3. Sports & Games

    Sadhbhavana’s physical education curricula emphasizes enjoyable participation in physical education activity and help students develop the knowledge, motor skills, attitudes, behavioural skil Read More

  4. Transportation

    Sadhbhavana works on the belief that every child should be given an opportunity to use the school transportation. We strive to accommodate all our students through a Read More

  5. Science Park

    Sadhbhavana World School has the unique distinction of being the only school in Kerala to Read More

  6. Infirmary

    A sound mind resides in a sound body. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that appropriate medical care is available to the students at all times within the school pr Read More

  7. Special education

  8. Kitchen

    We have all heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. However, we have never deep dived into the phrase. It is a direct indicator that eating healthy ensures a healthy li Read More

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