"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united" - Karl Wihelm von Humboldt


The Annual Calendar of the school is brimming with events which are an integral part of its academic year. These are occasions where all children are provided a platform and ample opportunities to hone their skills in different fields and gain confidence through competitions involving public speaking. We value our community spirit and work hard to preserve it. Several school events are designed to preserve and enhance this spirit. All members of the Sadhbhavana family enjoy and take pride in celebrating the cultural and religious diversity of India and transform every such occasion into a memorable event.

World Yoga Day & World Music Day

On 21ST June, both the World Yoga Day and World Music Day was celebrated. Adhering to the propitious occasion of Yoga Day, Sadhbhavanites too had a spontaneous outburst of unrestrained cheer. Then moving on the World Music Day, students with the accompaniment of music and with their entourage hopped onto the dais and showcased feet tapping music..

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