Working at Sadhbhavana
Why work at Sadhbhavana ?
The employees of Sadhbhavana are its backbone. The vision of the institution comes to life through the unstinted support, invaluable dedication and persevering effort of its personnel. Therefore, we pay serious attention to their well-being and development. Each Sadhbhavanite, right from the top level to the lowest level, has a growth plan and ample opportunity to expand his/her skillset and step into new and unexplored areas – be it work or self-augmentation. As facilitators and administrators, the Sadhbhavanites play a crucial role in the all-round development of the students. Our employees get to make a difference in the world by contributing to our cause of creating global citizens and making Sadhbhavana a center of excellence. 
Working at Sadhbhavana
We Facilitate
"A teacher should not be a Sage on the Stage, but a Guide on the Side."
At Sadhbhavana, the teachers rise above the cloister of preaching to perform the role of Facilitators. They hand-hold students in their quest for knowledge and aid them in the process of learning. This student-centric approach triggers curiosity, encourages students to think and allows them to take initiative to explore the various facets of knowledge expansion and skill development.

Working at Sadhbhavana
We are Academic Administrators
The administrative department at Sadhbhavana works hand in hand with the facilitators to ensure that an environment conducive to innovation, intuitiveness and learning is set and sustained. Due to this very reason we call our administrative wing – "Academic Administrators”. We believe that they reflect the true face of the school as they are the ones who interface with the parent community and the general public on a regular basis. We value the contribution of our administrators, nannies, janitors, drivers and guards in living up to the school's vision.

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