Academic Support Services
Self Access Center (SAC)

To support class-based learning, Sadhbhavana offers students the unique opportunity to further explore their interests through self-study. The SAC provides a wide range of educational material in the form of books and audio-visuals to bolster the curiosity of students. The center has uninterrupted internet connectivity to enable students to make the most out of the resources available on the World Wide Web.

Multimedia Language Lab

English language proficiency is a crucial requirement to succeed in today's competitive environment. Sadhbhavana has collaborated with Wordsworth to develop a multimedia language lab that offers the best in terms of continuous evaluation, content, teaching expertise and methodology. The methodology is a blend of Instructor Lead Training (ILT) with a Computer Based Training (CBT) practice and evaluation.

Science Park

Sadhbhavana has the unique distinction of being the only school in Kerala to have a Science Park within its campus. Located amidst lush greenery, the park is a cluster of open-air Science Gadgets aesthetically designed, ruggedly fabricated and permanently installed in order to facilitate the play-way method of learning science. The park is designed to trigger sparks that could turn them into young scientists. Sadhbhavana is keen to provide students an opportunity to explore and learn the laws of nature under the open skies. The ambience of the park is special, considering the bygone days of Gurukula system of learning - a constant dialogue between the teacher and the taught right in the arms of the Mother Nature. The park will be an effective tool in the hands of Science teachers who will walk that extra mile beyond the classroom and make learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

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