Coordinators & HODs

Renjith Kumar

Renjith, being a dedicated and resourceful educator, believes that teaching isn’t just a job like any other profession. It is more about moulding an individual and, thereby, a society. Renjith completed his MSc. (Physics) from MG University, MCA from Bharathiar University, BEd from Bangalore University and PGDCA from IHRDE. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching, of which the last 12 years were purely in the Cambridge Curriculum. He has worked with various reputed organisations in Kerala and Bangalore. During his time at the Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives, he was also a member of the steering committee for the Maldivian National Education Council’s key stage programs.

Lakshmi VG—Asst. Cambridge Coordinator

Lakshmi.V.G is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics & Instrumentation from Sastra University, Tanjavur with work experience at IBM India, Bangalore. She has always dreamt of inspiring others to overcome their fears and difficulties; motivating them to pursue their journey of seeking knowledge in an enjoyable manner. With a passion for art and literature, she opens the door not only to academics but to the creative world too. She believes academics are not just confined to books but are a platform to find your strength, build a dream and work towards making it a reality.

Manju Vijayan-CBSE Coordinator

Manju Vijayan has a post-graduate degree in Physics from Annamalai University and a degree in Education from Calicut University. Her teaching is a passion and a family tradition, as she belongs to a long line of educators. She believes that learning is a lifelong process. She uses her fifteen years of teaching experience at a reputable school in Baroda, Gujarat, to easily connect with the students.

Anupama P—Asst. CBSE Coordinator

Anupama chose the teaching profession as she believes that the profession offers the maximum scope for creativity to flourish. Innovation and experimentation, exploring unchartered territories by way of teaching methodologies, give her a great sense of power which is almost intoxicating. She holds an MA in Economics and B. Ed with SET.

Vidhula C –Grade 3 to 7 Coordinator

Vidhula C. is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. She completed her B.Sc in Zoology from Calicut University, her M.Sc in Fishery Biology & Aquaculture from MG University, Kottayam, and her B.Ed from Bangalore University. In addition, she has completed the Programme for Achieving Competencies of Educators at CRETT, which helped her to explore new teaching methodologies. She has been working in the field of education for a period of 5 years. She believes that teachers can uplift students as wonderful human beings.

Kalapana Dilip–Grade 3 to 7 Asst. Coordinator

Kalpana Dilip did her studies and got her Masters in English from Niligiris. Her passion for teaching made her forgo the earlier stint as an IATA professional. She started her career as a lecturer at the Hotel Management College in Calicut. Her excellent command of the subject and inborn talent for direct observation and interaction make it easy for her to understand students. Throughout her 9 years of career, she has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, compassion, and love for children.

Divya Rajesh-Foundation Years Coordinator

Foundation Years aims at providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment which inspires our little ones to become lifelong learners. Our vision is to provide a nurturing environment that encourages all students to explore, learn, and succeed in a safe environment. With more than 15 years of experience as a primary facilitator, Ms. Divya effortlessly guides her students to create an environment of acceptance, sympathy, and understanding. She strives to be prompt and efficient in her teaching methods and encourages her team to work together and achieve their goals. She believes in motivating students and her team to make learning comfortable and enjoyable.

Shaheela C. Rehman—Foundation Years Asst. Coordinator

Shaheela is an enthusiastic and dedicated facilitator who has more than ten years of teaching experience. She creates an atmosphere for children to explore their ideas and thoughts and finds deep satisfaction in facilitating a conducive environment for the academic and emotional development of the children. She believes that this will help a child to become a compassionate and valuable citizen of the world.

K Sudheesh-Coordinator of Activities

He studied at Universal Art School, Calicut; Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thrissur, Regional Centre, Chennai; and Mysore University. He has received Kerala Govt. Lalithakala Academy state awards in 1993, 1997, and 2003. He has previous teaching experience at Kendriya Vidyalaya. He handled the post of Head of Fine Arts dpt. at SK Pottakatt Cultural Centre, Calicut and also worked at MES BARC College, Calicut.

He did illustrations for the children’s books of renowned writers like T. Padmanabhan, M. Mukundan, Sara Joseph, UA Khader, etc. “Vilasini POOMBATTA,” written and illustrated by the author, was published by the Kerala State Children’s Institute of Literature. Illustration artist in Madhyamam weekly. He has experience in sculpture and did a granite sculpture at the Kerala Museum at the Kerala Archeological Department, Fort Kochi. Now he is working on a large-scale sculpture project about SK Pottakatt for Calicut Corporation. He has exhibited paintings all over India, like International Art Gallery Mumbai, Centre for Indian Modern Art gallery Kolkata, Gallery Samukha Bangalore, Travancore art gallery New Delhi, Kashi art gallery Kochi, etc.

I’ve attended National Artists Camps… Like Harmony residential art camp, Mumbai, conducted by TeenaAmbani, IFACS Millennium artist camp, New Delhi, and Lalithakala academy national artist camp. Own paintings and drawings are exhibited in many galleries of different countries like USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Hong kongetc

Sugandhi K – Exam Coordinator

Sugandhi holds an MA and a B.Ed in Malayalam from the Calicut University. With more than 13 years of teaching experience in various CBSE schools, she has a proven ability to coordinate academic and non-academic activities. Apart from being the Malayalam facilitator, she has also accepted the challenging post as the Head of the Examination Department at Sadhbhavana. Her interests include reading, music, and painting.

Ranjitha Sreehari–Head of Science Department

Ranjitha is a postgraduate in Zoology and holds a B.Ed. from Calicut University . She has qualified for SET. She began her career as a guest lecturer at Malabar Christian College. She worked as an assistant professor at Providence Women’s College. She has been a teacher for 12 years, both in India and in Muscat, Oman. She believes that teaching is not a profession for her but something linked to her soul. She always loves learning new things, and she believes only a good learner can become a good teacher.

Sumitha Renjith—Head of Maths Department

Sumitha started her teaching career after completing her B-Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Government College of Engineering, Kannur. She has also worked as a lecturer in electronics in various organisations in Bangalore. Later on, she moved to work with the Ministry of Education, Maldives, as a Mathematics Facilitator. While delivering the duties as a facilitator, she also carried the additional responsibility of being a parent counsellor and helped in bridging the management with the parents. During her tenure in the Republic of Maldives, she attended the Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 programmes for student-centered education conducted by the Maldives National Education Council and got certified in training teachers on the same. She believes that education is not just the process of imparting knowledge but also focuses on inculcating moral values in students.

Suresh Babu—Head of the Social Science Department

Suresh, who holds an MA in History from Calicut University and a B. Ed in Social Science from Kerala University, also qualified for the State Eligibility Test. To make the subject an interesting one, he adopted a method, that is, bringing social issues from the students’ day-to-day experiences through questioning. He proves that social science is not only a subject to memorise the dates and events but also to show students the world through their lives by bringing their experiences, to help them see the role that they can play in making a better world and to make them responsible and contributory citizens in life.

Sreepriya C-Head of Commerce Department

SreePriya used to observe the way her teachers handled various subjects, which inspired her a lot to choose a career in the education field. While doing B.Ed and M.Ed courses, she was impressed by the various techniques employed in the teaching field and knew there was a large scope for developing new ideas in this area. SreePriya holds B.COM, M.COM, B.Ed, and M.Ed degrees and is SET and NET qualified.

Mrudula Sekhar – Head of ICT Department

Mrudula is a self-directed, action-oriented professional with 3 years of experience in education. She has done her MCA at Amrita School of Engineering. She also has qualified UGC Net in Computer Science and Application. She started her career as a Software Developer in a leading MNC, later switched her career as a teacher for her passion towards teaching. She believes if one is driven by the desire to help those around you, being a teacher is an invaluable contribution. She considers teaching a big responsibility and the most rewarding one.

Mini Nair—Head of Malayalam Department

A holder of a Triple Post Graduate – Malayalam, English, and Psychology – and a B.Ed in Malayalam, Mini has 20 years of experience in teaching Malayalam at school level. She has published two poetry collections in Malayalam – Dalamarmarangal and Shankholi. She is confident of developing a love for their mother tongue in her students.

Jithin Varghese—Head of the English Department

Jithin has been in education since 2001 and was a teacher of English and Head of the Year for 5 consecutive years in California, USA, before moving to South Vietnam where he was the CIS Head Coordinator and Head of the English Department. As well as managing the school’s A Level English Literature provision, Jithin led whole-school projects to celebrate reading and literature. Driven by his love of literature, Jithin is passionate about enriching student learning through theatre visits. He has also taught in Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore, although he is originally from India. He is very passionate about education and literature and enjoys working inside and outside the classroom. He has held various positions as Head of English Department, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Chief English Coordinator of 13 branches in Hochiminh City, Vietnam, and is currently pursuing his educational interests through a Master’s in Education in India. In the classroom, he likes to encourage students to be curious about their world, and their surroundings, inspire them to ask questions to further their understanding, and cultivate the view that literature offers a wonderful opportunity to access places and mindsets we might not otherwise engage with. Similarly, he enjoys promoting students’ exploration of language as a tool through which they can express ideas and feelings. He has also been dedicated to involving students in co-curricular activities, which often stem from his own love of theatre, acting, giving motivational speeches, and extra-curricular activities.

Shaji M – Head of Hindi Department

Having a Bachelor’s degree both in Hindi and Education, Shaji believes teaching is all about learning and delivering. Holding a diploma in computer science, he pursues his master’s degree. As a language teacher, he is constantly on the lookout for ways to make his students feel comfortable expressing themselves in our national language.